St Benedict Church上海快3开奖结果 https:///news?page=1 News - 上海快3开奖结果 CRS Rice Bowls上海快3开奖结果 https:///news/st-patrick-上海快3开奖结果-of-the-terre-haute-deanery Keep your Rice Bowl going through Easter! We’ll have a Rice Bowl collection once we are back together in church. Or, if you’d rather send it now, please make a check payable to “St. Benedict’s” and include a note to Terran that this is your Rice Bowl Lenten offering. Also, please note that our St. Ben’s Soup Kitchen received a $1,000.00 grant from the CRS Rice Bowl campaign. Your contributions help our sisters and brother around the globe as well as in our own neighborhood. Thanks for your generosity! https:///news/st-patrick-上海快3开奖结果-of-the-terre-haute-deanery Mon, 09 Mar 上海快3开奖结果 00:00:00 CDT-0500 St. Benedict Community Fest—July 10 & 11, 上海快3开奖结果上海快3开奖结果 In keeping with Archbishop Thompson’s instructions, at this time, meetings for the St. Benedict Community Festival have been delayed. Raffle Update:319 tickets have been sold.We are at 40% of our goal! Purchase your ticket today!! https:///news/st-benedict-community-festjuly-10-11-上海快3开奖结果 Thu, 05 Mar 上海快3开奖结果 00:00:00 CST-0600 Young Adults上海快3开奖结果 https:///news/young-adults We are still meeting on Wednesday evenings via Zoom! Contact Jason Allen and he’ll send you the link! Text him at 812.244.3510. You can also find us on Facebook @上海快3开奖结果 St. Benedict Church, or on Twitter @上海快3开奖结果StBens.  https:///news/young-adults Thu, 05 Mar 上海快3开奖结果 00:00:00 CST-0600 Youth Ministry上海快3开奖结果 https:///news/hey-st-bens-high-上海快3开奖结果ers-we-want-to-hear-from-you Happy Easter from the Terre Haute Youth Ministry! In keeping with the instructions of Archbishop Thompson, many previously scheduled THYM events have been postponed. Check your emails to learn about ways that our Youth Ministry community will be engaging remotely over the next few weeks! https:///news/hey-st-bens-high-上海快3开奖结果ers-we-want-to-hear-from-you Fri, 07 Feb 上海快3开奖结果 00:00:00 CST-0600 Children's Ministries上海快3开奖结果 https:///news/childrens-ministries As you know, religious education classes are suspended until further notice. However, you can access our religious education curriculum at Click on the tab > What is Pflaum Doing in Response to COVID-19?  Contact Rita if you need help with login; rita@上海快3开奖结果 or 812.232.8421, ext. 112.  https:///news/childrens-ministries Fri, 07 Feb 上海快3开奖结果 00:00:00 CST-0600 RCIA上海快3开奖结果 https:///news/rcia Though we cannot gather in person, we still want to stay together on the journey. Apprentices in Faith at On this website, you’ll find reflections on the Sunday readings as well as summaries of the Catholic doctrine that flows from those readings of Sacred Scripture. Check your email to find the username and password to access all the information on the site. Or contact Rita, rita@上海快3开奖结果 or 812.232.8421, ext. 112. https:///news/rcia Mon, 06 Jan 上海快3开奖结果 00:00:00 CST-0600 Get your Raffle Ticket!上海快3开奖结果 https:///news/get-your-early-bird-raffle-ticket St. Benedict Festival Entry CAPITAL PRIZE RAFFLE-July 10-11, 上海快3开奖结果 - Tickets $50 each – 18 Winners Grand prizes $10,000 $2,500 $1,500 PLUS 1-$1,000 and 1-$500 Winner on Friday night, July 10, 上海快3开奖结果. All early winning tickets will be eligible for the Grand Prize on Saturday, July 11 at the Festival . Click below to print your entry form! https:///news/get-your-early-bird-raffle-ticket Tue, 19 Nov 2019 00:00:00 CST-0600 Bulletin Submissions上海快3开奖结果 https:///news/bulletin-submission-dates Please note the due date for weekend bulletins. Submissions must be emailed to dee@上海快3开奖结果 April 5 (Palm Sunday) due Noon March 27 April 12 (Easter) due Noon April 3 April 19 due Noon April 10 https:///news/bulletin-submission-dates Mon, 18 Nov 2019 00:00:00 CST-0600 Please let us know!上海快3开奖结果 https:///news/please-let-us-know HOSPITALIZED? If you or someone in your family is hospitalized, please contact the parish office directly at St. Benedict Church to let us know you are there (812-232-8421) You should contact the hospital’s Chaplain’s Office to receive communion during your stay, however, please do not rely on the Chaplain’s office to let the parish know you are admitted. https:///news/please-let-us-know Mon, 04 Nov 2019 00:00:00 CST-0600 Care for the Immigrant & Refugee上海快3开奖结果 https:///news/care-for-the-immigrant-refugee ​​​​​​​Contact Rita to find out how you can get involved. Contact Rita, rita@上海快3开奖结果 or call the parish office, 812.232.8421, ext. 112. https:///news/care-for-the-immigrant-refugee Thu, 05 Sep 2019 00:00:00 CDT-0500 Download Our Parish App!上海快3开奖结果 https:///news/olc-province-app Have you downloaded the St Benedict Parish App yet? Lent, Easter & so many other awesome features are brought to Your device! Fr. Martin’s weekend Homilies are available on the App, titled ‘Homilies’. https:///news/olc-province-app Mon, 25 Feb 2019 00:00:00 CST-0600 Creation Care Team上海快3开奖结果 https:///news/creation-care-team St Benedict and our Creation Care Team is part of the Catholic Climate Covenant!  If you would like to join and start receiving information through Email, visit info@上海快3开奖结果 and sign up to become a member or simply google "Catholic Climate Covenant" and start reading! https:///news/creation-care-team Sun, 17 Feb 2019 00:00:00 CST-0600